Falls are a major health problem among the elderly.

It is estimated that ‘one third’ of the population aged 65 years and over, have experienced a fall in the past 12 months. In older adults, up to 30% of falls can result in moderate to severe injuries that increase the risk of death. Falls have been reported to cause:

  • Hip, wrist and shoulder fractures
  • Dislocations and soft tissue injuries
  • Head injuries

As you age, your body goes through changes such as vision loss, muscle weakness, joint stiffness and impaired balance and reaction time, all of which contribute to a loss of balance and an increased risk of falling. A fall may lead to a fear of falling, avoidance of daily activities, social isolation, lowered quality of life and can precipitate a move to residential aged care.

At Sport Physio, we understand and support that an increasing number of seniors in our community wish to remain in their own home and keep their independence. We are committed to helping our ageing population stay safe, mobile and independent in their own home. We strongly believe the most important and pro-active approach to falls prevention is to maintain physical activity and exercise. This is why we have developed our custom designed 3 Step Falls Prevention Program. Our program addresses the 3 P’s in falls prevention:

01. Power

Research states that the more power you have in a muscle group the less likely you are to fall. Ever had difficulty getting up from your chair and losing your balance? We will work on strengthening your quadriceps muscles so this is no longer a problem.

02. Proprioception

Poor balance can lead to falls, injuries and fractures. Balance exercises have been proven to reduce the likelihood of falling. We will use various exercises and pieces of equipment to challenge your balance and subsequently make you more steady and safer on your feet.

03. Prescription

The correct walking aid and equipment in the home is essential in preventing the possibility of falls. Assessment and prescription of this will allow you to move with greater ease, take away any falls hazards within the home and reduce the chance of falling.

Fall risk assessment

Sport Physio will perform a detailed falls risk assessment. We will look at your balance, your muscle strength, your mobility and your functional activities at home. Our expert physiotherapists will then provide you with a personalised home-based exercise program to help greatly reduce the chance of a fall and prescribe the appropriate walking aid where required, allowing you to perform your daily activities independently.

How can we help you?

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