The need for rehabilitation after surgery is often well appreciated, the importance of exercising before surgery is often overlooked.

Pre-op Rehabilitation

Pre-operative is the stage before you have surgery that allows you to be fully informed about the procedure and your post-op recovery. It allows you to feel less stressed about the surgery and ensure a smooth recovery process. Pre-operative rehabilitation is a vitally important component to anyone wanting to optimise their recovery following surgery.

The goal of pre-operative rehab is to help you be as well-conditioned as possible prior to surgery to enhance your post-operative recovery and to understand the therapy routine that will be in place after surgery. Because of the months of pain and reduced activity leading up to surgery, muscles become weaker, and walking, balance and exercise tolerance deteriorate. Improved muscle strength reduces the effects of muscle wasting following surgery, making standing, walking and getting out of bed or a chair much easier.
It is therefore recommended that you take part in a specifically prescribed rehab program prior to surgery to increase muscle strength and reduce the chance that you will require extended inpatient rehabilitation prior to being discharged home after surgery. We have witnessed far accelerated results with patients undergoing pre-operative physiotherapy in direct comparison to those with the same conditions that did not undertake pre-op physio. Our physiotherapists will perform a thorough pre operative assessment to determine your physical capabilities and plan the best possible rehab program. Patients are assessed for:

  • Muscle and joint strength
  • Mobility and gait pattern
  • Independence within the home, including stair climb and descent

Walking Aids

This is also an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with any walking aides you may need post operatively, such as crutches or walking stick. We will also explain and demonstrate the correct post operative exercises and give guidance as to when these should be started.

Post-op Rehabilitation

The best post-operative rehabilitation is important in achieving the optimum outcome from your surgery and in minimising the risk of complications. Following an orthopaedic surgery it is most likely that you will require physiotherapy to avoid certain complications, such as DVT (deep vein thrombosis), but also to re-introduce strength and range of motion movements. You will be prescribed a progressive exercise program in order to build up flexibility, strength and function.

At Sport Physio your post-operative rehabilitation is always individualised depending on your surgery, protocols and specific rehabilitation goals. We place strong focus on education, exercise, and manual therapy to help you regain movement, strength and normal function, getting you back to the tasks you love quickly and safely.

How can we help you?

Our physiotherapists will tailor a programme specific to your surgery in order to aid you through the rehabilitation process to get you back to your everyday activities as soon as possible. Contact us to discuss your surgery and how we can help you through the recovery process.

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