Taping & Strapping physiotherapy techniques are a form of therapeutic and rehabilitative taping used for treatment of muscular disorders and the management of lymphoedema and chronic swelling.

What is Taping?

Taping is a technique that we do using flexible tape - like Kinesio - resulting in increased fluid flow through an injured area, better control over muscle contractions, reduced pain, and ultimately faster healing.

Rigid sportstape is commonly used in healthcare. It is used to support and protect a joint after a ligament tear or sprain, when the joint is slightly unstable. It is also used to stabilise or immobilise an area of the body to reduce or avoid pain, as well as to guide a part of the body into a correct position if it has adopted an incorrect position due to muscle imbalance or injury.

Get back on Track

Flexible tape can be used to encourage weak muscles to engage and contract at the correct time. This may be beneficial in times of training or playing sport post-injury or surgery.

Tape is applied directly onto the skin. If someone has an allergy to tape, a special spray or wipe is used to create a protective barrier on the skin prior to applying the tape.

We use taping in different instances, including:

  • Support the ankle and protect the injured ligament after an ankle sprain
  • Guide and support the kneecap (patella) in instances of anterior knee pain
  • Hold the lower back in a protected pain-free position in instances of acute pain
  • Support and protect the shoulder after dislocation or injury
  • Support and protect a dislocated or sprained finger or thumb
  • Support the knee after a torn or sprained ligament
  • Support the foot arch to relieve heel pain in plantar fasciitis
  • Unload tendons in instances of tendonitis

How can we help you?

Knowing what tape and taping technique to use in which situation is crucial to the effectiveness of any treatment. All our physiotherapists are trained to assess, select and apply the appropriate method of taping whatever the musculoskeletal condition.

To find out more information about how Taping & Strapping can help you, or to book a time to get started with your therapy, call us now for an expert plan, treatment and support system.

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